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The Credit Union Movement

There are approximately 13,500 member-owned cooperative financial institutions, known as credit unions, in the U.S. Their roots go back to 1849 when the first credit union was established. It began amidst the poverty of the mid 1800's in Germany. The Mayor at that time encouraged farmers to pool their money and make loans to each other rather than borrow from moneylenders. This concept spread to Canada and the U.S. in the early 1900's. Edward Filene is the father of the American credit union movement.

Credit Unions in Hawaii

In April 1936, six teachers on the Big Island pooled their deposits to organize the first credit union in Hawaii, chartered August 1936, The Big Island Educational Federal Credit Union.  Hawaiian Tel Federal Credit Union (formerly called Mutelco Oahu Employees Federal Credit Union) was the first credit union chartered on Oahu. On the same day in October 1936, Hawaii State Federal Credit Union (formally called Hawaii Territorial Employees' Federal Credit Union) also signed their charter. The Hawaii Credit Union Act was signed into law by Governor John A. Burns on May 29, 1973.


Our Start

This Credit Union initially started as five separate credit unions being serviced by the Hawaii Credit Union League Oahu Service Center;

  • Consolidated Amusement Federal Credit Union chartered April 12, 1936,
  • Hopaco Employees Federal Credit Union chartered May 2, 1955,
  • Hawaii ILWU Federal Credit Union chartered April 28, 1970,
  • HTH Federal Credit Union chartered June 15, 1976, and
  • Kai-Perm Hawaii Federal Credit Union chartered January 27, 1977.

Effective July 1, 1994, four credit unions merged with the Hawaii ILWU FCU, forming one credit union.  On August 22, 1994, NCUA approved the name change to the Na Hui ‘Elima Federal Credit Union, which translates to “A Group of Five”.


Our Name Change

In 2006, the credit union increased its field of membership to include the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs. With this change in the field of membership, the Board of Directors voted on a name change, and on December 15, 2006 NCUA approved the name change to Prince Kuhio Federal Credit Union.


What we are

Prince Kuhio Federal Credit Union is a cooperative, owned and operated by its members. This is what distinguishes the Credit Union from other financial institutions. Members put their money in a variety of savings accounts, and that money, in turn, is lent to members. After operating expenses and reserve requirements are met, loan income is returned to members in the form of dividends.



PKFCU is governed by a Board of Directors that establishes and reviews policies. The Directors are Credit Union members who are elected by the Membership and serve without pay. Every member has one vote,  regardless of how much he or she has on deposit. At the Credit Union, there is no select group of shareholders that profit more than anyone else.  All Members profit -- individually and collectively.

As of 06/30/07, PKFCU is a $5.7 million financial institution that is federally-chartered credit union, organized under strict regulatory laws that are monitored and enforced by the National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the U.S. Government. This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration. We offer a range of financial services, including financial counseling, savings and loan programs that will help its members to meet their financial objectives.



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